American Journal of Archaeology
Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America has regular features, articles,
book reviews and excavation reports.

ArchNet – WWW Virtual Library – Archaeology
The archaeology section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.

Archaeology Data Service: homepage
A searchable digital archive for archaeology, including Sites and Monuments
Records for parts of the UK and Excavation Index for England.

VL – Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
Searchable and indexed guide to web resources, with evaluations by the editors.
Part of the WWW Virtual Library.

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
Attached to the University of Oxford. Original collection donated by Elias Ashmole.
Includes FAQs, visitor and collection information, map, and schedule of …

English Heritage Archaeology and Survey
The department responsible for providing advice and expertise in archaeology and
archaeological science. Includes summaries of projects funded by the …

Irish Archaeology
Includes a web directory, the Newsletter of the Irish section of the Paleopathology
Association and book reviews.

Wessex Archaeology
This non-profit-making body based near Salisbury is one of the biggest archaeological
practices in the country. Services include maritime archaeology.

The Archaeology Channel – Welcome
Archaeology and related subjects presented through streaming media by the
Oregon-based Archaeological Legacy Institute. Videos can be viewed on-line and …

SAAweb – Society for American Archaeology
An international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and
protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas.

Archaeology : An Introduction – an online companion � Kevin Greene …
Kevin Greene’s selection of Internet links to supplement the 4th edition of his
book, by chapter and section, with alphabetical index.

Archaeology and the Bible – Christian Answers
News and articles by Associates for Biblical Research, which organizes excavations
and publishes the quarterly “Bible and Spade”.

The Society for Historical Archaeology
This US-based society focuses on the New World, but also includes European
exploration and settlement in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Directors, publications …

North Carolina Archaeology
Articles and information about the prehistoric and historic archaeology of the
state from the Office of State Archaeology.

Archaeology Fieldwork
Jennifer Hutchey lists archaeology fieldwork, employment advertisements, field
schools, internships, volunteering, and related resources, mainly for North …

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Founded in 1866 by George Peabody, it is one of the oldest museums in the world
devoted to anthropology. History, departments, collections, galleries, events, …

Archaeology Magazine
This popular magazine also provides the latest news in archaeology from around
the world.

University of Cambridge: Museum of Classical Archaeology
Has casts of classical sculpture, pottery and shard collections, replicas of
coins, miniature bronzes and ivories, and Minoan and Mycenean reproductions.

Internet Archaeology – Electronic Journal – Home Page
Fully refereed electronic journal for archaeology, international in scope.
A collaboration of the British Academy, CBA and the Universities of Durham, Glasgow, …

Perseus Art & Archaeology
A massive catalog of Archaic and Classical Greek art, buildings and sites.
Each entry has a description, most with images. Tufts University in collaboration …

Articles and directory of Internet sites, including a world atlas of archaeology
on the web.

Biblical Archaeology Society
Magazine from the Biblical Archaeology Society covering excavations at Biblical
sites, and topics in Biblical archaeology. Articles and features from the …

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology- University of Memphis
Dedicated to the study of the art and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching,
research, exhibition, and community education.

Underwater Archaeology
Directory of resources on the Internet from Tanya Rabourn.

Archaeology in Arctic North America
In-depth discussion of arctic archaeology. Introduction, fieldwork, reconstruction,
artifact and faunal analysis, conclusions, references, and video clips.

Southwestern Archaeology Inc. (SWA)
Resources for archaeology of this region. Includes Got Caliche? newsletter,
contact information for archaeologists, and job listings.

The BibArch Home Page
High Top Media provides an overview of archaeology, chronology, news, features,
opinions, editorials, glossary. Also sells books and magazines.

Current Archaeology
The attractive site of Britain’s popular archaeological magazine. Illustrated
timeline of British archaeology, articles from past issues, contents of the …

Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology Web Page
Companion site for the author of “Forbidden Archaeology”.

Anthropology and Archaeology Pages by James Q. Jacobs
Archaeology related articles and galleries by James Q. Jacobs, covering
archaeogeodesy, prehistory, paleoanthropology, the Andes, Mesoamerica, …

dig – The archaeology magazine for kids!
Archaeology magazine for children from Cobblestone Publishing, in cooperation
with the Archaeological Institute of America.

What is Archaeology?
An illustrated introduction from the Department of Anthropology at the University
of South Dakota.

Journal of Roman Archaeology
An international journal publishing book reviews, articles and research findings
in the field of Roman archaeology. Contents and sample articles.

Maritime Archaeology – The Nautical Archaeology Society – Welcome
A British voluntary organisation formed to further interest in nautical heritage.
Membership, training, courses, news and projects.

Alexandria Archaeology Museum Homepage
The City of Alexandria’s community archaeology program: Active excavation and
research program. Holds a collection from more than 150 sites, spanning 10000 …

Panorama Productions/Archaeology
An illustrated introduction to the discipline of archaeology from Panorama Productions.

Welcome to University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and …
The Museum has sent more than 350 expeditions to all the inhabited continents of
the world. Online exhibits, articles and research.

Archaeology, human evolution, human origins, and hominid images
Covers significant discoveries from archaeology about human origins. Illustrated
descriptions of hominids, with references. Articles, images, bookstore and …

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
Series of lessons and illustrations, tracing the Aegean from Palaeolithic and
Neolithic times to Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece by Jeremy B. Rutter at …

Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service
Gateway to British archaeology online. Press cuttings service, message forum,
fieldwork opportunities. Popular magazine ‘British Archaeology’ (news sections …

Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Scientific/educational organization; studies human history from the physical
remains of maritime activities.

Near Eastern Archaeology
Formerly Biblical Archaeologist, NEA is published under the auspices of the
American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), and focus on ancient world from …

Association for Environmental Archaeology
For the study of past human interaction with the environment through archaeology
and related disciplines. Events, newsletter, abstracts of its journal …

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